"Roy Goble is a friend of mine. In fact, he’s the first friend I ever had. We met just out of kindergarten. He was a guy who was always getting into mischief and I was drawn to him like a magnet. You will be too. It’s a holy mischief Roy’s been up to since then. Roy’s success in the world hasn’t led him to the wealthy; it’s brought him to the poor and hurting. This beautifully written book is the story of what Roy has learned along the way about love and compassion and Jesus."

- Bob Goff, New York Times best-selling author of Love Does

"To truly help vulnerable people around the globe, we’ve got to be smarter and do better. As Roy shares in Junkyard Wisdom, real philanthropy doesn’t start with a check, but a challenge: are you willing to help another person? Roy Goble has accepted that challenge, and he inspires his readers to do the same."

- Jacquelline Fuller, President Google.org and Google Foundation

"Roy Goble is a successful entrepreneur with a grand plan. In my circles—Silicon Valley startups and brand evangelism—that’s not unusual. What is unusual is that Roy’s weapon of choice is hope. Read this book if you want to learn another way to change the world."

- Guy Kawasaki, bestselling author of The Art of the Start 2.0

"Roy's clear and passionate voice comes through the pages in a most genuine and challenging way as he peels back the protective coats surrounding his own vulnerabilities. His openness to describing his own personal flaws allows readers to consider more fully the planks in our own eyes. The result is creating an environment of true and honest self-reflection. The text is written in Roy's easy to read down-home style, but make no mistake: the stories will leave you with big ideas to ponder and hopefully pursue."

- Mark Zoradi, Past President of Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group

"Finally! Now there is a way for wealthy Christians to participate in the vital work of reconciliation beyond guilt or shame! In this groundbreaking book, Roy Goble addresses the “elephant in the room” and offers a better way forward through mutual and life-giving relationships with the poor. This book is a win-win for everybody and it’s long overdue. I highly recommend it!"

- Rev. Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil, author of Roadmap to Reconciliation

"Powerful and compelling. Roy Goble masterfully crafts a provocative and beautifully written read while giving us challenging new ideas and food for personal thought and reflection. As a follower of Jesus, he describes conflicts inherent with wealth and poses important questions. Immensely practical and immediately helpful, I highly recommend this book. You will find Mr. Goble to be a masterful storyteller and deep thinker."

- Dr. Edward Birch, Chairman of the Board, Santa Barbara Bank & Trust

"Roy Goble is witty, smart, and lives life full throttle. His business success gives voice to his work ethic and capabilities. His life success, however, speaks to the wrestlings of a man of faith trying to invest his talents while also bearing responsibility for his neighbor. For anyone who has felt the discomfort that often comes with privilege, this dynamic and engaging book will be an encouraging guide on how to find your greatest life in giving it away."

- Ken Wytsma, founder of The Justice Conference and author of Create vs. Copy

"Roy’s book points out that the ‘skill of wealth creation has no correlation with the skill in the godly use of wealth.’ By sharing his own story, Roy helps us all wrestle with the tension between what we do on a daily basis in our jobs and businesses and how we as Christians address the needs of the poor—those next door and around the world. He encourages us to think about a ‘kingdom economy’ that focuses on the return when we invest in people’s lives and their futures. Throughout the book, we are challenged to wrestle with how we use each day to make a difference."

- Mary Andringa, Chair of the Board, Vermeer Corporation

"Roy Goble demonstrates what an entrepreneur caught up in the ordinary stresses and struggles of everyday life is able to accomplish for Christ and the Kingdom. His experiences reveal an evolution in sensitivity and concern and also depict how he responded when he saw the needs of the poor and the oppressed of the world. This is a good man, and what he writes is worth reading. This book deserves your time."

- Tony Campolo Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Eastern University

"Roy’s insights always capture my attention because he’s one of the most widely-read, widely-traveled, and widely-liked people I know. Like Roy, I’ve been all over the globe, and I’ve noticed that people who don’t want to be preached at still want to be prayed for. God shows up in our lives when we pray—and it’s through our prayers that God calls us to show up for others, on His behalf. I love how Buechner puts it: Go where your best prayers take you. That’s what Roy has done, from his own community all the way to Central America and Southeast Asia. Where might this book take you?"

- Pete Greig, Co-Founder, 24-7 Prayer International, and Vice President, Tearfund

"What does it mean to love God and to love my neighbor in the twenty-first century? Junkyard Wisdom steers clear of easy answers and empty platitudes, inviting us instead into a fuller, truer, Jesus-following life. We wrestle with the very real challenges of our world and our lives—but also with the tremendous opportunities for hope-filled, life-changing relationships that are right in front of us. I'm so grateful to Roy Goble for this much-needed reminder."

- Justin Fung, Pastor of Teaching & Formation, The District Church

"God calls us all to not conform to the patterns of this world. But nonconformity doesn’t mean uniformity. That’s why I like Roy Goble and his book. I doubt Roy’s going to move into a row house in North Philly with us—though if you want to Roy, give me a buzz!—but Roy’s working out his salvation with fear and trembling just like the rest of us. At the end of the day, I’m not interested in people being more like me, but more like Jesus."

- Shane Claiborne, bestselling author and activist

"Roy Goble could easily be sipping wine and enjoying the good life. In some ways he does. But not at the expense of wisely stewarding the opportunities he’s been given. I research and write about global issues and cultural intelligence. Roy lives it—and that comes through in the pages of the book he’s written. Funny, challenging, and grace-filled are just a few words that describe what’s here. Enjoy and be inspired. That’s what happened to me from reading it!"

- David Livermore, PhD, author of Leading with Cultural Intelligence

"Roy Goble is a wrestler: of habits over mere ideas, of actions over mere words, of reality over mere perception. God holds all dimensions of human life in his heart and wrestles on our behalf, so that all may have life—and we wrestle with God in order to find the life we have been called to, and to share it in ordinary, daily terms with our neighbors."

- Mark Labberton, President, Fuller Theological Seminary

"Few people are as uniquely qualified to address the uncomfortable intersection of wealth and poverty as my friend Roy Goble. Refusing to settle for tidy solutions or overstated platitudes, Roy mines unexplored territory in the quest toward becoming global citizens willing to take intelligent action in a world of overwhelming need."

- John Merritt, Founding Pastor of CrossWinds Church

"I have known Roy for some years now and yes, I survived my encounter with Hurricane Goble. Roy is a man on a mission who can turn your world upside down. If you’re bold and adventurous enough, spend some time with him through this book. The stories, the ideas, the questions, the junkyard wisdom—it’s like inviting a cyclone into your home. And maybe that’s exactly what you need."

- Kevin Kim, Executive Director of Crazy Love Ministries

"Jesus never forgets the poor, but we forget them every day. As you read this book you may argue with Roy, but keep reading—and ask God to reveal two things to you: your wealth and your poverty. Then do something about both."

- Pastor Steve Madsen, Cornerstone Fellowship

"Junkyard Wisdom is a journey of faith, family, and what we learn by trial and error. It also reaffirms a time-tested principle: we find fulfillment in life through our service to others."

- Eric M. Swalwell, U.S. Congressman

"I have known Roy Goble for years, and he is as funny as he is wise. Junkyard Wisdom is typical Goble, unflinching in its honesty and winsome in its invitation to ask hard questions. There is no place so bleak that joy cannot be found, no job so hard that it is not worth doing. There is a grit to Roy Goble's writing, but just below the surface is the awareness of a world of grace. This book is a gift."

- Laura Turner, Freelance journalist at Slate, the Atlantic, Pacific Standard

"Some books are page-turners. Junkyard Wisdom is a heart-turner. Don't read this book if you want simple answers. Junkyard Wisdom is an invitation to wrestle."

- Kevon Saber, Silicon Valley Entrepreneur and Investor

"Information comes at us from everywhere, whether we look for it or not. This is not the case with wisdom. We need to hunt for wisdom—and then hold on to it—because we desperately need wisdom today. This book will help your search. Wisdom is something you only get if you live it, and Roy has lived it. I’m so grateful for this book."

- Dave Lomas, Pastor of Reality San Francisco and author of The Truest Thing About You

"Roy Goble has caused me to think hard about how I use my time, talents, and financial resources. He identifies the walls we so easily build that isolate us from the needs of the world, near and far. When we tear down those walls with relationships, we see that the poor don’t need our “solutions” as much as they need our love, friendship, and hope…just as we need theirs."

- Debbie Hall, Board Chair, Village Enterprise

"Poverty is caused by relationships that are abusive and don't work. The poor and the non-poor therefore need to begin to find ways to build right relationships across the countless cultural barriers separating us so that genuine and lasting transformation becomes a possibility. As Richard Rohr likes to say, transformed people transform people. I know that’s true of Roy’s life, and my prayer is that his book transforms people as well."

- Dr. Ash Barker, NewbiginHouse.uk

"Since Roy's roots are in his family wrecking yard business, he’s always been a “junkyard” guy, which is why I pay attention to what he says and does. For as long as I’ve known Roy and his wife, D’Aun, I’ve noticed how they see value in things—and people—many may consider of little worth. In Junkyard Wisdom, we hear Roy's inner dialog about wealth, God, the poor, the church, our natural protectionist mindsets…about all of life, really! This is a book that challenges us to wisdom, and the art of living skillfully and generously. You’ll find real value in the time you invest in this book."

- Dave Gibbons, Founder of NEWSONG and XEALOTS                      

"Somebody needed to write this book, and I'm glad it was Roy. He invites us in to the ‘lifelong wresting match’ between the ability to create wealth and the corresponding dangers and opportunities. With footnotes that are almost as interesting as the text, Roy refuses to tie up stories with clean endings. Rather, he challenges us to walk in the better way to which we are called—and to pull no punches along the way."

- Nancy Ortberg, CEO of Transforming the Bay with Christ

"This book was like a jolt of morning coffee for my soul, awakening me from ‘the amnesia of wealth’ and pulling me toward who I really want to be. We live in a world of broken parts, but Goble tries to lend a voice to those on the margins. These stories will re-calibrate your sense of purpose."

- Dr. Larry Acosta, Founder/CEO Urban Youth Workers Institute

"I love that Roy goes straight for the elephant in the room: how do we honestly talk about our myriad struggles with wealth, poverty, and the call of faith? Junkyard Wisdom gives the reader freedom to wrestle with the emotions and questions common to all of us, but rarely spoken about. This story didn’t just challenge and encourage me…it changed me!"

- Teresa Goines, Founder/CEO of Old Skool Cafe